Monday, January 23, 2017

Hey friends and family!

This week went so fast I can't even believe it's already come and gone. The biggest miracle from this week started on Wednesday. We went knocking and the first door we knocked on said we could come back! The only time that worked was this morning. We went and saw her and when we asked her why she let us come back she said "well actually I just started praying for the last few weeks for some reason. And then when you knocked on my door I thought 'oh wow' and usually I would say no but I figure I would give it a try and learn more".................."asdfghjkl!!!!!!!!!" -my thoughts when she said that. So we set a baptismal date with her and we are seeing her again on Wednesday! It was amazing!

I'm so glad I'm finally finding people who are willing to listen to us and accept what Heavenly Father has in store for them!

I hope you all have a great week and I love you all! xx

Sister Montgomery

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Man this week was so much better! We saw miracle after miracle! We had exchange with the Sister Training Leaders on Wednesday. Our STLs are now in York so we got to go to York for the day which was so cool! York is so beautiful and the people are so nice! I went with Sister Berg which was fun because she was the STL I went on my first exchange with in Billingham so it was nice to be with her again! We found so many cool people and had quite a few good conversations. We taught
basically the whole plan of salvation to someone on the street and by the end of the conversation he asked "so if I wanted to learn more, where would I go?" And that surely was a great question for him to ask!

When we got back to Grimsby we met this lady on the street and we started talking to her about what we do and we got into a really good conversation with her and some tears may have been shed on both sides because the spirit was so strong! She eventually said "will you please come see me and tell me more?" And Sister Lundahl and I just about fell over backwards! We asked when she would be available and she said Tuesday so we are seeing her tomorrow!
Friday morning it SNOWED. Then melted thirty minutes later...We were so upset. Then yesterday Michael came to church!! That was a HUGE miracle! It was so good to see him there and the sacrament meeting was PERFECT for him. We are seeing him Tuesday and we're still going to continue working with him!

I am so grateful that we have a loving Heavenly Father who hears and answers our prayers. He sure heard all of mine and Sister Lundahl's prayers and answered them and is still continuing to answer them. Sometimes we just have to be patient and remember that He knows more than we do and sees the bigger picture. "Be still, and know that I am God;" Psalm 46:10

I hope you all have a great week! I love you and miss you all! xx

Sister Montgomery

Grimsby District

Monday, January 9, 2017

Hello friends and family!

Good heavens what a week it has been. We found a new investigator this week! His name is Bernard and we met him while knocking. The night before, during nightly planning, we were looking at the map on our iPads for a street we could knock and I chose a pretty decent-sized street. We got there the next day and there were literally like 4 houses on the street...But we knocked it anyway and Bernard was the in the first house! It was really cool. We talked a lot about the afterlife and he invited us back! We went the next day and taught him the plan of salvation. He seemed to really enjoy it and he said it made sense. He said we could come back and teach him more! So that was a huge blessing to find him.

Then Thursday we had interviews with President. It was really nice to talk to him and receive advice and encouragement from him. It was also really nice to Sister Turvey. She made me feel great after talking to her! I seriously love her! After, we received training from the Assistants which was really helpful. The whole day was just very much needed and very motivating.

Saturday we tried by this former investigator named Steve. We found out he stopped his interest because he had a lot of questions and concerns about the Book of Mormon and prophets etc. We went in and taught him and tried to answer his questions and, thanks to the training we received from the assistants, I think succeeded at answering his questions and made him interested in learning more

Yesterday was...rough. Michael called and said he needed to talk to us. We went over there and he said that some conflict came up and he told us he can't join the church. So uh, that was one of the hardest things to hear. We asked him to pray about it and he's going to. We're still going to see him on Tuesday so we'll hear back from him then. Then the rest of our day consisted of all of our plans falling through. BUT, I think because we were fasting, we received a huge blessing of keeping a positive attitude all day. I really have no idea how we did it though because we wanted to be sad and throw ourselves a pity party but for some reason we just stayed positive and were able to still be happy. I have such a strong testimony that Heavenly Father cares about all of us. He loves us and wants what is best for us. Sometimes we just have to be patient both with ourselves and those
around us.

I love you all and hope you have the best week! xx

Sister Montgomery

The coolest doorbell I have ever seen

Monday, January 2, 2017


I hope all of your New Years were great!! Mine sure was a party. We had tea with a member and then had to be in our flat by 6:30 and asleep by 10:30...But we set an alarm for 11:58 so we could watch the fireworks and celebrate for a second. But I was soooo tired when we woke up and I was basically falling asleep as I stood in front of the window. It was kind of pathetic really. Sister Lundahl tried to get me to celebrate with a glass of Shloer (the equivalent of Martinelli's) but I accidentally passed out on my bed. But it was a fun 2 minutes anyways.

Yesterday we had lunch with our Stake President and his family. It was so fun! They have such cute kids and they are so entertaining! I laughed quite a lot during our time with them. Then we went to a less active member's (Anne) home and she had two of her friends there with her. It was such an amazing visit! We were able to talk to her friends about the church a little bit and one of them, Viv, had some really good questions and she said "I just want to know the truth!". Sister Lundhal and I really perked up when she said that. We told her when she hears the truth it will have a familiar ring to her and will bring her peace and comfort. We told her the beginning of the plan of salvation and she seemed to really enjoy it and she pondered a lot on it. Anne asked her if she wanted to take the lessons and she said she would think about it. The whole lesson was lead by the spirit and it really just proved to me that Heavenly Father puts you exactly where He needs you at the exact moment He needs you. She is so prepared and we really look forward to seeing her again!

I hope you all have a great week! And that this year is FANTASTIC.

Love you and miss you all xx

Sister Montgomery

This sunset was beautiful!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER LUNDAHL. We celebrated with chicken kabobs and they were absolutely AMAZING!