Monday, June 19, 2017


Okay first I just want to say thank you to my dad for being a stellar dad and for taking care of me and family so much!! He is the best example to me and I am so grateful to have someone like him in my
life. He's goofy and eats more ice cream than anyone I know and who wouldn't want that kind of influence in their life?! I LOVE YOU DAD.

This week was good! We went on exchange with the sister Training leaders which was a lot of fun! I went with Sister Peterson and I just love her! She is so amazing! But because of that exchange we ran out of food in the middle of the week... so we had to get pretty creative with our meals because we were too busy to run to the shop and get a bit of food. But we survived.

We got to do service as well which was fun! We did gardening for like 2 hours so we were really gross afterwards but it was still great!

We had a lesson with Alethea which was super good!! She said she had decided to drop us before we came over but then during the lesson something told her she had to keep going so that was so amazing!!! The whole lesson was guided by the spirit. We taught something completely different than we had planned and it was awesome!!

I didn't have anything out of the ordinary happen to me this week so sorry if that's the only reason you read this email...

Lastly, it was really great to not only focus on what my earthly father has done for me but also for what my Heavenly Father has done for me. I just had a prayer of gratitude last night. There is a lot to
be thankful for. I found myself thanking him for the littlest things. I don't know how I could go through this life without him. I know He loves us all!!!

I hope everyone has a great week!! Love you and miss you all!!

Sister Montgomery

Exchange with Sister Peterson! A member gave us, quite literally,
frozen yogurt


I finally got to try Nando's after hearing so much about it!!!!!


England Leeds Mission aw yeah

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