Monday, June 5, 2017

Hello all

This week was pretty much just a typical week of "Awkward Moments feat. Sister Montgomery"

1. On Wednesday we tried by this former potential in our maps and she let us in after buzzing her flat number. We get up to her flat and the first thing we see is flesh. Her husband was just walking around in the smallest pair of underwear you could imagine. So we both just looked up to the ceiling and asked if there was a better time we could come back and she said "oh. No he's just a nudist. He only wears clothes when I tell him to. He's putting on trousers don't worry." So he did but he still didn't have a shirt and he wasn't exactly the slimmest of guys. Poor Sister Tautkus was horrified and was just thinking "what on earth is going on??" And I was just thinking "seriously? Again?"

2. We were visiting a less active on Thursday and she shares a house with some other people and her, slimmer than the previous guy but still not Ryan Gosling, roommate came into the room half naked and started making a cup of tea, trying to make conversation with her while we're trying to show a video.

3. Friday during weekly planning, we were just planning away minding our own business when all of a sudden some guy just starts cleaning our windows? Like why tho?

4. We were talking to this lady on the street and in the middle of the conversation she starts talking to some friends who were passing by (without saying goodbye to us) and has her back turned to us. She just left us awkwardly standing there by ourselves so we just slowly walked away and then finally her friend said goodbye so we said goodbye and got out of there.

5. Thankfully Sunday is a day of rest so I was able to rest from my awkward moments for a day.

Sister Tautkus said "I have never had so many weird awkward things happen to me until you became my companion!" Which is pretty much what all of my companion's have said to me. It's a curse.

Sunday night though!!!!! The Piano Guys came to Leeds to do a fireside which was AMAZING!!!! We brought our investigator Alethea and it was so perfect for her!! Literally everything they said was for her. They are so talented and have such amazingly strong testimonies and are great examples of turning your will over to God's. I also got to see some good mission friends which was so much fun! I finally got to see Sister Koepf after 7 months!! It was so nice to see her. And I got to see Sister Pinther again as well!

Hope you all have a great week and I love you and miss you all!!!!!!!!!

Sister Montgomery

First day with Sister Tautkus!!

 I found the Sacred Grove in England!!


Four Generations. Sister Koepf (my mom), me, Sister Pinther (my
daughter), Sister Barrett (Sister Pinther's daughter)

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