Monday, April 24, 2017

Hello Everyone!!

This week has been so crazy!! So I found out the day before I got to Pontefract that I was going to be area booking (some people say white washing) again. So the same thing I did with Grimsby I am doing again with Pontefract! I was a bit shocked and nervous but I'm excited! My companion's name is Sister Zurita from Spain and we came out in the same group! The ward has been amazing and so helpful this whole week! They are very excited to have sisters in the ward again after not having them for a bit.

We didn't have a phone until Friday which was also a bit crazy haha. And my watched died on Sunday so I never knew the time because taking my iPad out of my bag was too much work. But it was a blessing because it made time go a lot faster!

We have seen so many miracles already! People here are so receptive and open! We have already found some potential we are going to start working with this week so we are excited about that! Nothing too much else to report for this week since it's mostly been finding.

I know Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us. He looks out for all of us. Remember to always doubt your doubts before your doubt your faith. -
President Uchtdorf

Have a great week!!!! Love you all!!!

Sister Montgomery

Byeeeeeeeeee Grimsby!

A Haribo factory that would smell so sweet!!

If I come home obese just know it's because of the Pontefract ward...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hello everyone

I hope all your Easters were great and that you were able to reflect on why we have this holiday and the sacrifices our Saviour made for us and the blessings that come from the Atonement He performed. I love my Saviour and I know He lives and loves us all!

This week!
We had exchanges with the STLs this week which was fun! I was with Sister Van Zyl and we had a lot of fun! Then, remember that Less-Active member from last week who said she wanted to come back to church? Well her daughter isn't a member and she said she would like to start taking the lessons!! Wooh!! Super exciting!!

I am leaving Grimsby! I can't believe it. I still feel like I just got here. But, it's been almost a third of my mission here!! Crazy!! But I am leaving to a place called Pontefract!! The only thing I have heard about it is that is has a Haribo factory so it should be pretty sweet. I'm excited for this new journey and I know Heavenly Father has some good plans for me in Pontefract! I'm also sad to be leaving Sister Pinther but she is going to continue to do great in Grimsby!

I love you all!!!! Have a great week!!!!

Sister Montgomery

Scunthorpe District ft. Zone Leaders and STLs

So majestic

We stuck Sister Tautkus in the boot of the car

My Kinder Egg toy collection

English Ice Cream Truck ice cream is so much better than American Ice Cream Truck ice cream

Monday, April 10, 2017


So this week was good. Okay so back story: the very first day Sister Lundahl and I were in Grimsby we met this guy named Steven. He was super cool and was pretty insterested. But his schedule was insanely busy so we got his number to contact him. Well we could never get in contact with him. So Thursday we Street contacted this guy and we talked to him for close to an hour and he was pretty interested so then we set up an appointment with and when I was getting his number it was showing that we already had it saved. So then I asked if we have met him before and he said no. But then when we walked away IT ALL CAME FLOODING BACK TO ME. THIS WAS STEVEN. THE SAME STEVEN I MET MY FIRST DAY IN GRIMSBY. We are seeing him on Wednesday and I can not

Next miracle: the next day we were on the bus and Sister Pinther was sitting next to a lady named Michelle. Michelle started talking to Sister Pinther and was like "are you a Mormon?" So she said yeah and then she was like "my dad is a member and I'm super interested to learn more about it!!" Unfortunately her schedule is super busy as well so she said as soon as she gets whatever it is sorted she is going to meet up with us!!!!

Third miracle: yesterday we went to visit a less-active we had never met before. We shared a message with her and she was like "I really need to come back to church. Yeah. I'm going to. What time does it start? I'm going to start coming again" ASDFGHJKL

This week was such a blessing. It's going to be even better this week so we are stoked!! And it's the last week of the transfer. I feel like I'm staying in Grimsby for a little bit longer but we'll see what happens. I hope I do!!
Anyway, have a great week everyone!! Love you and miss you all!! xx

Sister Katie Montgomery

But look at Grimsby's sunsets!

This tree caught on fire so they had to chop it down

We drew a picture for a member

LOOK I GOT SUNBURNT IN ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!! IN APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 3, 2017


What a week. So first, we had Zone Training and Interviews this week. It was so great!! I sang a song with some other missionaries and it was a lot of fun! The spirit was so strong and there was a line that really stuck out to me "here's my heart, take it and seal it". We need to live the Gospel with all our heart, might, mind, and strength most importantly our heart. We need to have our eye single to His glory.

Then Sister Pinther got sick so we had to stay in the flat for a few days so I have been pretty bored this week. But then we had GENERAL CONFERENCE YAY. And we are getting a temple in SARATOGA SPRINGS?! Ask me how excited I am. But it really made me realise how important it is for me to go to the temple as often as I can once I get home. Living in Utah, we are so privileged with many temples all around us. We really need to take advantage of that and hasten His work.

General Conference was so great and I received so much inspiration. Our leaders are called of God. The Church is true. I just want everyone to know that I know it's true. Jesus Christ is our Saviour and Redeemer and Heavenly Father loves each one of us perfectly. If you aren't sure of His love, pray and ask to know that He loves you. I promise you He will answer!!

I love you all!! Have a great week!! xx

Sister Montgomery

We did service for a member

#YOMO (You Only Mission Once)

Elder Berndt (on the piano), Sister Mataupu, me, and Elder Shiew singing "Come Thou Fount of
Every Blessing/If You Could Hie to Kolob Medley"

Sister Pinther was tired after Zone Training

Yayyyyy General Conference