Wednesday, September 28, 2016


This week was SO GOOD. We saw so many miracles with finding and we were able to schedule a nine year old and her mom! We are way stoked about it! We got transfer calls yesterday. I am staying in Billingham with Sister Koepf! I am very relieved about that. Also, I hit my 2 month mark tomorrow!! I feel like I've been here for two weeks so it's crazy. On October 22 we are having mission conference and President Russell M. Nelson is COMING. YESSSSS. I can not wait!!! We have a lot of people we are teaching this week so we are definitely seeing blessings in England!! 

We went to a butterfly world today!! It was extremely hot and humid in the room so my glasses fogged up and my hair got a bit frizzy. But it was a lot of fun!! 

Yesterday during Relief Society the primary children were singing "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission" and Sister Koepf and I fist bumped each other. It was way weird to hear them sing that because I remember singing that and now I'm a missionary. What the? Also, yesterday we got to watch the woman's session of general conference and I loved President Uchtdorf's talk on faith. I especially loved when he said that the purpose of faith is not to change God's will. But be willing to act on God's will. Ah it was so good! God loves each of us and is aware of all our needs!

D&C 6:36
Love you and miss you all!

Sister Montgomery

Billingham District

There were meerkats in the butterfly world!!!!??

We found a teeter totter!!!!!

I spoke Parcel Tongue (is that how you spell it?) to the snake because I'm in England and everyone tells me I have Harry Potter glasses

I got a football jersey today so I guess now I'm pretty cool.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hello all!

This week was pretty good. We met this lady on the street and she had just come from her mother's funeral but she was talking about how they didn't mourn, they just we're happy that her suffering is done and she's in a better place. She definitely was drunk and she gave us really long hugs and tried to kiss me but I didn't let her.

We went on exchange with the sister training leaders and it was a lot of fun! I got called a bible basher so I guess you could say I'm officially a missionary!

We walked passed this little boy and he looked at me and, in a snooty voice, he said "hey specs" but jokes on him because Specs is one of my favourite Newsies.

Today we went to Middlesborough and we went to a Chinese buffet called Banana Leaf. It was amazing! I got a Chinese plate and then they also had some American food so I got chicken nuggets and fries and green jello and I came to the table and the elders were like "could you be more Mormon, Sister Montgomery?" And in the most Utah accent I could use I said "I'm from Utah". It was good times.

We struggled to find people to teach last week but we feel really good about this week. I hope all is well with everyone.

Fun facts:

-everyone calls me "love" "darling" "flower" etc, and if that could still be a thing when I get back I would love it.

-everyone here loves the Osmond's. As soon as we mention that we are Mormon they immediately go "Donny Osmond!!" There was even this lady on the bus the other day that was like "yeah he turns 59 in November (I think? I don't remember)" and told me how many kids he has and how many grandkids he has. It was really funny.

I love you and miss you all!!!! xx

Exchange with Sister Berg (from Norway) and Sister Wood (from Ogden, Utah)

There is a member with about 8 dogs and 44 cats

"Well, one of us is going to have to change." We went all day without noticing that we matched.

A member gave us Kool-Aid!!!!!!!!!!!

Today at Banana Leaf

My "Mormon Meal" from the Chinese buffet

Monday, September 12, 2016

This email is going to be short because 1. I don't remember what happened, to be honest and 2. We went hiking today so I don't have a lot of time left.

We had Zone Conference on Wednesday and that was really cool and I learned so much.

We didn't teach a lot of people this week which was unfortunate but we found a lot of potentials so hopefully something will come from them.

Hahahahaha good heavens I literally can't remember what happened this week. I don't have my journal with me so I can't look how was your guys' week?

Okay, well I'll leave you with a few more fun facts:

-there are ice cream trucks EVERYWHERE and they have characters from the Simpsons on them.

-I'm definitely not used to cars driving on the wrong side of the road yet and I keep looking the wrong way when I cross the road

-there aren't hot dogs here (not so fun fact because I want a hot dog)

Anyways, hopefully I'll remember more next week and have more time to email. I love you all and miss you SO much!

-Sister Montgomery

Billingham Zone

Apparently pancakes aren't big in England.

Roseberry Toppings. The wind was probably 97 mph. I thought we were going to fly right off! It was beautiful though.

Monday, September 5, 2016


Wow this week was amazing and it flew by!! Being on a mission is so much fun!! So many interesting things have happened this week.

Sister Koepf and I got asked on a date by two guys who really wanted to feed us Kurdish food. It was very tempting but we had to say no. I met two deaf guys and I was SO excited that they were deaf!! I was like "my two years of sign language in high school are finally going to pay off!" So we were trying to sign to each other and I wasn't understanding them, they weren't understanding me, and I was like "what the heck?? What is going on??" And then I realised British sign language and American Sign Language are two completely different things...

We've been teaching this guy from Iran who speaks Persian and we've really been trying to help him understand the priesthood. So I asked him "do you understand what the priesthood is?" And he said yes so I said "so do you understand why it's important to be baptised by someone holding that priesthood?" And he said yes so I said "so will you be baptised by someone holding that priesthood?" And he said yes so Sister Koepf said "we're holding a baptismal service on the 30 of September, will you prepare yourself to be baptised on that day?" And he was like " want me to be baptised again?" (He's already been baptised in the baptist church) and we were like "......yes" so then the next lesson we had with him (which was yesterday) we found out that the whole time we've been saying priesthood he thought we were saying Protestant.... So we cleared that up for him and I think he finally understands why our church is different so he said he's going to pray about it (woot woot)

On the bus the other day a lady saw my name tag and said "I went to Salt Lake City!" And I said "no way! I'm from there!" And I asked her why she was there and she told me she visited the temple and the family history centre and I asked her how she felt while she was there and she was like "oh it was amazing. There is just something so special about you guys and I felt absolutely amazing while I was in Utah" and I was like "that is so awesome! So have you thought about taking our lessons then and learning more about us?" And almost immediately she was like "no. Absolutely not"and I was like"....what?" And she was like "I don't believe in God. I really want to, I've always been envious of people like you who have such strong faith in him and I want that but I just can't get it" and I was like
"well you know, that's why I left my home in beautiful Utah so I can share with people how to get that faith. It's really simple actually. I just share the tools I use." And she was like "no. It was lovely talking to you but no" and that was it. So that was great. It made me really really sad actually.

Fun facts:

-I see red mini coopers and light blue Jaguars everywhere in England
so it makes me feel like I'm back home with my mum and dad

-everyone thinks we're Canadian

Anyways, it's been fun. It's been real. It's been real fun. Keep it fresh, mates.

Sister Montgomery

We found this cute little guy while we were knocking